How To Jailbreak Any Android Phone Or Unlocking It

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Kevin Derulo says:

@mckayvenjay, it matters because in the tittle it clearly says. “How to
jailbreak “

DippShits says:

How exactly is this helping faggots?

neggflash says:

@XeRT360DaSnIpEr fucking hipster

Alex Dronov says:

NO! it does not brake your phone. first of all your friend has a ipod and
in this video its a androd phone. And second your friend just doesnt know
how to jailbrake it right, thats why he broke it!

justineberhart14 says:

U didn’t tell us shit u dic head

gjfkfkfhvb29252829 says:

All bushit. just looked up modern combat 4 and got nuthing but shut FUCK U

cj125941 says:

4shared doesnt have a lot of good apps

Arkarsh Siva says:

Dont do this the more you do this the more money it will cost at the market
but then wen 4shared closes you have no choice to buy the apps

Martin Adams says:

That’s not jailbreaking!! That’s just downloading from a website. You need
to root your phone to become jailbroken!

KcKxMusicProducer says:

Its a download does that mean its jail break. Please respawnd


Its The Apps Gone Be Free ? !

DareDevilz1000 says:

@XeRT360DaSnIpEr Poor? Well i bought a 600 dollar phone and an iPad 2 just
last week and your calling me poor?

Joseph Lemus says:

Dude the camera is blurry

D M0NK3Y'5 says:

good job kiddo works great i just downloaded batman :)

MusicLuver3oh3 says:

Does this mess up your phone because my friends iPod got messed up from
jail breaking it

Christopher Fernando says:

that wasnt jail break

saul92345 says:

You can always use mobilism market its free and it has more apps than

deathstrikemike says:

This isn’t even a video on how to unlock/jailbreak any phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

unnunn12 says:

@DareDevilz1000 OOOOOOHH!!!

nitovillanueva84 says:

Wow all these bad commeƱts

Ashish Adhikari says:

Great job bro.. Though the video is not that good but I got it by playing
few times…

saul92345 says:

It is not called jailbreaking thats for ipods it is called sideloading

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