How to Unlock a locked iPod Touch 3G….but will work for them all!

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How to unlock a disabled iPod Touch…..this is a A1318…..3G w/ 32GB… 1. Download latest version of iTunes from or 2. Downlo…


MrCr3ateful says:

i think apple is like too safe, if you know what i mean…

Angelica K Alcala says:

I clicked the link to take to to download fimware, but it is unable to open

msjosh341 says:

No It Was Locked They Dont Let You Restore Locked Ipods On Itunes.

Carolyn Kropp says:

you must have missed all the prior comments about ipod versus ipad…..i
NEVER ONCE say “ipad”…..i live in Illinois and if you say “noise” on the
end of Illinois than you have never traveled inside the United States
because you don’t realize there are different accents inside of the same
country and think i? said “ipad”…..

Carolyn Kropp says:

i have no idea but you could try it.

bcc17186 says:

did you have your ipod on when you pressed the home button and plugged it
into your computer

speedmyster1 says:

Thanks very much for your video ,i will first try the other 3 step way but
you sound very sexy .Gaz

KoKoJumba says:

its ipod

Gabi S. says:

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!! I was surprised that it
actually worked, but I cant explain how thankful I am right now. God bless

shahzad khan says:

thanks it worked

Blainesoccer218 says:

5:26 Toxic people will NOT be apart of my family

Carolyn Kropp says:

if you had READ the instructions posted, you wouldn’t need to watch the
video :)

WillHarryIsATank says:

it only works for windows its not compatible with macs

Eddie Shelton says:

I held the home button and the screen still didn’t come up I followed the
directions fully and it didn’t work. :/

Blinky says:

you talk way too much. i dont care about the story, i just want the facts.

str8hood01 says:

Fuckin’ Excellent I love it and works great and super easy…

Carolyn Kropp says:

3rd generation

breezie555 says:

omg thank u sooooo much this workd on my 12 year old step sister’s 4G
iPod……… she gave me about 100 kisses but thanxxxx(and she said thanx
too) :)

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